Homology of the predicted ORFs surrounding subtractive hybridization sequences SH57, SH8′, SH62′, and SH91′a

ORFPosition (bp)Size of product (amino acids)First BLASTP hitGenBank accession no.% Amino acid identity (no. identical/total)
orf1441-1352303Probable LysR family transcriptional regulatory protein (Y. pestis)NP_40713792 (281/303)
orf21606-2472288Putative LysR family transcriptional regulatory protein (Y. pestis)NP_40713662 (181/288)
tcbA2551-90572,168Insecticidal toxin complex protein TcbA (Photorhabdus luminescens)AAC3862754 (413/760)
tcaC9118-135631,481Y0185-like protein (Y. pseudotuberculosis)AAS6606559 (883/1491)
orf313641-13952103Putative phage-related protein (Y. pestis)NP_40713364 (63/98)
orf413964-14365133Hypothetical phage protein (Y. pestis KIM)NP_66753081 (108/133)
orf514362-14721119Putative exported protein (Y. pestis)NP_40713161 (73/119)
tccC14905-180421,045Insecticidal toxin complex protein TccC (P. luminescens)AAC3863047 (501/1047)
orf618113-19558481Putative modulator of DNA gyrase (Y. pestis)NP_40712898 (472/481)
orf719571-20080169Putative carbon-nitrogen hydrolase (Y. pestis)NP_40712788 (144/162)
  • a See Fig. 1.