Prevalence of Y. enterocolitica T83 TC genes among other Y. enterocolitica biotype 1A strains and other Yersinia species

GeneHybridization of probe for TC gene to:Pc
Clinical biotype 1A strains (n = 78)Nonclinical biotype 1A (n = 28)Non-biotype 1A Y. enterocolitica (n = 14)Other Yersinia speciesb (n = 35)
tcbA21 (27)a2 (7)00<0.001
tcaC21 (27)4 (14)00<0.001
tccC21 (27)4 (14)1 (7)0<0.001
  • a No. (%) of strains which hybridized.

  • b This sample consisted of 2 strains of Y. aldovae, 3 of Y. bercovieri, 4 of Y. frederiksenii, 6 of Y. intermedia, 4 of Y. kristensenii, 3 of Y. mollaretii, and 13 of Y. pseudotuberculosis.

  • c Comparison of clinical biotype 1A with all other Yersinia strains (Fisher's exact test, two tailed).