Cultivation temperature variability of the constituents in LPS of Y. pestis strains

ConstituentProportion of LPS molecules positive for constituent in Y. pestis straina
37°C, type 1 LPS25°C, type 3 LPS6°C, type 3 LPS6°C, type 4 LPS37°C, type 2 LPS25°C, type 3 LPS
Lipid A
  • a Numbers indicate the proportions of the total number of LPS molecules (maximum of 1) that contain the particular constituent, as determined by ESI FTICR mass spectrometry of the whole LPS. For the structures of type 1 to type 4 LPS, see references 34 and 35; at 6°C, type 3 and type 4 LPS are produced in similar amounts (data of CSD ESI FTICR MS of the whole LPS).

  • b In type 4 LPS, the amount of the 12:0 acyl group is dependent on the amount of the 3:OH 14:0 groups to which the C12:0 fatty acid is ester linked.