Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsSource or reference
K. pneumoniae
  LM21Wild type; K35This study
  LM21 Rifr K. pneumoniae LM21, Rifr This study
  LM21(cps) K. pneumoniae LM21, Rifr, Knr, capsule-defective mutantThis study
  CF504Clinical isolate carryingcf29K 6
  CH067Transconjugant from LM21, Rifr and CF504This study
  CH009Transconjugant from LM21(cps) and CF504This study
E. coli
  CF604Transconjugant harboring pCFF504 6
  JM109Cloning strainPromega
  CJ236 dam cloning strain 17
  BW20767 pir + strain used for conjugative transfer 24
  BW21038Cloning strain, lacI lacZα Cmr pir + 24
 pUC18Apr Boehringer
 pUC4kKnr; source of KnrcassettePharmacia
 pLD55Suicide vector, derivative of pBluescript II (SK+), Tetr 24
 pS1-3pUC18 plus 2,560 bp of cps regionThis study
 pS1-3ΔpS1-3 with 509-bp deletionThis study
 pS1-3ΔKnpS1-3Δ plus Knr This study
 pSFB1-3ΔKnpLD55 containingorf1–3ΔKnThis study