Table 1.

Meningococcal strains

StrainSource (year of isolation)Isolate type (location)Sero-groupSero(sub)typeClusteraReactivity with MAbb:Refer-ence
B1940U. Berger (?)Clinical (Germany)BNT:P1.3,6,15++++ 9
MC58E. R. Moxon (1985)Clinical (United Kingdom)B15:P1.17,16bET-5 complex++++ 5
2120Our clinical isolate (1997)Clinical (Germany)CNT:P1.2,5ET-37 complex++ 29
  • a ET, electrophoretic type; —, the ET of strain B1940 does not correspond to any well-known clone associated with a high incidence of disease.

  • b Reactivities with MAbs were determined by indirect immunofluorescence (for 9-2-L379) and by Western blot analysis (for B306, 4B12/C11, and SM1). 9-2-L379 is reactive with LPS of immunotype L3,7,9 and was kindly provided by W. D. Zollinger (Washington, D.C.); B306 and 4B12/C11 bind to meningococcal Opc and Opa, respectively, and were provided by M. Achtman (Berlin, Germany); and SM1 binds to neisserial pilin of class I pili (donation of M. Virji, Bristol, United Kingdom).