Serology, air sac lesions, and mutants targeted for further investigation detected in each group in initial and confirmatory screens

Screen and groupNo. of birds positive for the following/no. examined:Mutant tag(s) detected (no. of times detected)
Antibody against M. gallisepticumAir sac lesions
Wk 0Wk 2Wk 4ControlWk 2Wk 4ControlAir sacsTrachea
Initial screen
    Aa0/307/98/90/82/100/90/8oppD1-20 (2)boppD1-20 (6), oppC1-24 (6), oppD1-26 (1) MGA_0588-18 (1)
    B0/316/109/110/102/101/110/10oppD1-20 (1)oppD1-20 (6)
    Cc0/295/109/100/74/102/100/7oppD1-20 (7), MGA_0588-18 (1)oppD1-20 (10), oppC2-24 (5), oppB1a-36 (1), MGA_0588-18 (1)
Confirmatory screend
    A0/2015/193/19MGA_1102-03 (1)MGA_1102-03 (2)
    B0/2014/191/19MGA_1102-03 (1), MGA_1079-22 (2)
  • a Two inoculated and two in-contact birds in group A died prior to necropsy.

  • b Including recovery from one bird in the in-contact group at 4 weeks after inoculation.

  • c Two in-contact birds in group C died prior to necropsy.

  • d One bird each in groups A and B died before necropsy. The pool for group A contained mutant 03-1, and the pool for group B contained mutant 22-1.