Table 1.

The effect of IFN-γ on the iron content of macrophages from Bcgr and Bcgs mice a

GroupIron content (μg of Fe/mg of cell protein)
Bcgr miceBcgsmice
Untreated344 ± 16291 ± 16
IFN-γ200 ± 4b 261 ± 16
  • a Resident peritoneal macrophages were treated overnight with 100 U of rIFN-γ, washed, and digested with 6 N nitric acid to release bound iron (41). The iron was reduced by adding ascorbic acid, and ferrizone reagent was added. The reagent was allowed to react with the reduced iron and the optical density at 562 nm was determined. The amount of iron was determined by using an iron standard.

  • b Significantly different from untreated macrophages (P < 0.05) as determined by Student’s t test. The iron contents of macrophages fromBcgr and Bcgs mice not treated with IFN-γ were not different.