Table 3.

Effect of pilD mutations on MSHA activity

Strain and growth condition Hemagglutination activitya
KFV11 (ΔmshA)
KFV18R (pilD::kanπ, reverted)
KFV18R (pBAD18) + 0.05% arabinose
KFV18R (pKJF308) + 0.05% arabinose+
KFV18R (pKJF308) + no arabinose
KFV36 (ΔpilA ΔpilD)
KFV36 (pKJF308) + 0.05% arabinose+
KFV36 (pKJF308) + no arabinose
  • a −, no hemagglutination; +, hemagglutination of sheep erythrocytes that was inhibited by mannose but not by fucose or arabinose.