Table 1.

Eleven (poly)peptides identified in nasal secretions by Western analysis, microsequencing, and/or mass spectrometry

ProteinMolecular size (kDa)Concn (μg/ml)aMethod of detectionb
Lysozyme14.7250–500a, b, c
SLPI11.710–80a, b, c
β-Microseminoprotein10.8NDb, c
sPLA2 14.1NDd
Statherin5.2NDb, c
Light-chain IgG∼28NDb
Albumin∼6 (fragment)NDb
Albumin∼30 (fragment)NDb
Albumin∼31 (fragment)NDb
HBD-1c 3.9NDa
HBD-2c 4.30.3–4a
  • a Concentration was determined from five samples by using semi quantitative Western analysis, with each sample containing lysozyme, lactoferrin, and SLPI. Note that three of five donor samples contained measurable amounts (>0.3 μg/ml) of HBD-2. ND, not determined.

  • b a, Western analysis; b, microsequencing by N-terminal Edman degradation; c, mass spectroscopy; d, PLA2activity determined by using radiolabeled E. coli ML-35p substrate as described previously (31).

  • c Some β-defensin comigrated with higher-molecular-weight proteins.