Table 1.

Characteristics of proteins encoded on pLM511

GeneNo. of amino acids in open reading framePredicted molecular mass (kDa)Presence of signal sequence (PSORT)aSignal peptide consensus sequence (GFXXXE)bPredicted location (PSORT)c% Amino acid sequence identity to Xcp proteins (LALIGN)d
lspF >126>13.7??IM (1)40.8
lspG 14015.4Yes (29)GFSLIEIM (1)59.4
lspH 16117.8Yes (31)GFSLIEOM/PP28.8
lspI 12514.1Yes (28)GFSLIEPP30
lspJ 20523.7Yes (20)GFSLIEPP/OM28.9
lspK 322e 36.1Yes (37)NFPP/OM25.6
orf1 >213>24.3NoIM (4)
  • a Amino acid position at predicted cleavage site is indicated in parentheses. ? indicates unknown.

  • b Consensus sequence for the prepilin peptidase XcpA/PilD cleavage site (see references 11 and32). NF, not found.

  • c IM, inner membrane (number of predicted transmembrane domains is given in parentheses); PP, periplasmic space; OM, outer membrane.

  • d Values for lspF andorf1 were calculated by using the partial sequence information.

  • e Contains five possible Met start codons.