Table 1.

Alignment of major ospC groups withospC alleles identified by SSCP analysis

Major ospC groupospCalleleGenBank accession no.aNo. of the indicatedospC group in isolates fromb:
TicksHuman skinSecondary sites of human infection
A1 AF029860 172321
B2 AF029861 17194
C3 AF029862 1130
D4 AF029863 1010
E5, 7 AF029864 610
F6 AF029865 900
G8 AF029867 570
H9 AF029868 760
I10 AF029869 193
J11, 18 AF029870 370
K12, 13 AF029871 63216
L L42899 200
M14 U01892 130
N15 L42899 130
O X84778 010
Pc U91796 100
Qc U91790 100
Rc U91791 200
Sc U91793 100
T16 AF065143 010
U17 AF065144 020
  • a A single GenBank sequence for each type is given as an example. The complete list of sequences is given in reference 40.

  • b The number of each major ospCgroup observed. This includes both SSCP data and data from the literature, including GenBank.

  • c B. burgdorferi sensu stricto groups P through S are found only in Europe. Groups R and S are excluded from the analysis because nearly identical ospCalleles are found in B. afzelii and B. garinii, showing that these groups were recently created by cross-species transfer.