Table 1.

Production of inhibitory activity similar to that of strain C55 and presence of eta and etb inS. aureus strains originally found to produce ET-A and/or ET-Ba

Original ET-A and ET-B production status of strainsNo. of strainsNo. with inhibitor productionbNo. with immunity to C55Detection by PCR of:
etaetbsacαA and sacβA
ET-A + ET-B331616331616
ET-A and ET-B negative1500000
  • a S. aureus strains were supplied by P. M. Schlievert, S. Poston, and the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd., Porirua, New Zealand.

  • b Inhibitor production was tested by the simultaneous-antagonism test using M. luteus as the indicator. An inhibitory zone of greater than 7 mm was taken as a positive result.