Table 2.

Comparative infectivity of P. bergheisporozoites to immunized CD-1 outbred mice when sporozoites were delivered by either infectious mosquito bite or syringe inoculation into mouse tail veina

Immunizing agentHost immunoglobulin G titer% of mice infected after:
5 Mosquito bites10 Mosquito bitesIntravenous inoculation of:
20,000 spz50,000 spz
Irradiated spz>1:1,0002 (41)43 (14)0 (20)0 (14)
Peptide-KLH>1:3,20083 (6)ND0 (6)ND
KLH only<1:20100 (19)NDNDND
None<1:20NDNDND100 (12)
  • a Mice were immunized against either irradiated sporozoites (spz) or the synthetic peptide D-16-N coupled to KLH. Negative-control mice received KLH only. Sample sizes are indicated within parentheses. ND, not done.