Table 3.

Homologies of the putative B. abortusglycosyltransferase with other bacterial glycotransferases

GeneOrganismProtein size (amino acids)Putative enzymeHomologyaAccession no. (GenBank)
rfbUSalmonella typhimurium353Mannosyltransferase25/43/104141359
wbpXPseudomonas aeruginosa460Glycosyltransferaseb24/37/1863249545
mtfBAquifex aeolicus374Mannosyltransferase B20/38/2102983150
wbdPEscherichia coli404Glycosyltransferase18/37/2493435176
wbpYPseudomonas aeruginosa371Glycosyltransferaseb22/38/1693249551
  • a Homologies were determined with Gapped BLAST (3). Numbers shown are percentages of identity/percentages of similarity/numbers of amino acids in the region of homology.

  • b The functions of these enzymes have been demonstrated to transfer d-rhamnose by means of an α-1,2 linkage or an α-1,3 linkage (37).