Table 1.

Distribution of current and previous STD and other variables in participating patients

SexCurrent infectionnNo. of patients
MensesSite of current N. gonorrhoeae infectionPrevious STD exposurea
CervixRectum and cervixUrethraNoneNgoCtrTva
N. gonorrhoeae 125752523
T. vaginalis and C. trachomatis 1330553
N. gonorrhoeae, T. vaginalis, andC. trachomatis 81440431
N. gonorrhoeae 58582731
  • ↵a Patients were asked to provide a history of STD infections at the time of treatment; clinical confirmation of their responses was not possible. Ngo, N. gonorrhoeae; Ctr, C. trachomatis; Tva, T. vaginalis.