List of genes in the entire CPS locus of C. jejuni IA3902 (HS:1,8)d

GeneaProduct size (aa)eSimilarity to strain (serotype)bAnnotation
C. jejuni G1 (HS:1)C. jejuni CJJ5070 (HS:4 complex)C. jejuni subsp. doylei 269.97 (HS:17)C. jejuni X (untypeable)C. jejuni ATCC 43436 (HS:8)C. jejuni NCTC 11168 (HS:2)
kpsS394YYYYYYCapsule polysaccharide export protein KpsS
kpsC689YYYYYYCapsule polysaccharide export protein KpsC
cysC170YYYYDYAdenylyl sulfate kinase
CJSA_1347253YYYYNYPutative sugar-phosphate nucleotidyltransferase
CJSA_1348200YYYYNYPutative amidotransferase
CJSA_1349779YYYYNYPutative transferase
CJSA_1350253YYYYNYPutative methyltransferase
CJSA_1351257YYYYNYPutative methyltransferase
CJSA_1352612DDNDNDPutative sugar transferase
CJSA_1353240NYYcYNNCapsular polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
CJSA_1354507NYYcYNNCapsular polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
gmhB132NYYcYNNHeptose biphosphate phosphatase
CJSA_1356639NNNYDNPutative capsular polysaccharide biosynthesis protein
CJSA_1357619NNNNNNPutative sugar nucleotidyltransferase
CJSA_1358109NYYcNNNConserved hypothetical protein
CJSA_1359111NYYcNNNConserved hypothetical protein
CJSA_1360241NYYcNNNPutative nucleotidyltransferase
CJSA_1361212NYYcNNNHADf superfamily hydrolase
CJSA_1362212NYYcNNNConserved hypothetical protein
CJSA_1363637YNNNNDPutative sugar transferase
CJSA_1364851YNNNNNPutative sugar transferase
tagF1,095YNNDDNPutative CDP glycerol glycerophosphotransferase TagF
CJSA_1366402YNNYYNConserved hypothetical protein
tagD129YNNYYNPutative glycerol-3-phosphate cytidylyltransferase TagD
kpsF315YYYYYYArabinose 5-phosphate isomerase
kpsD552YYYYYYCapsular polysaccharide ABC transporter KpsD
kpsE372YYYYYYCapsular polysaccharide ABC transporter KpsE
kpsT220YYYYYYCapsular polysaccharide ABC transporter KpsT
kpsM260YYYYYYCapsular polysaccharide ABC transporter KpsM
  • a Based on the gene name/locus tag of the sequenced genome of C. jejuni IA3902 (GenBank accession no. CP001876.1).

  • b Y, yes (present with over 85% identity at the amino acid level); D, divergent (present with less than 85% identity); N, no (not present).

  • c These genes are located in tandem as a separate cluster outside the CPS locus in this strain.

  • d The entire CPS cluster of IA3902 is virtually identical to that of C. jejuni PT14 (NCBI GenBank accession no. NC_018709.2) and highly homologous to that of C. jejuni 01/51 (NCBI GenBank accession no. ERS742291 and ERS742289). Thus, these two strains are not included in the table.

  • e aa, amino acids.

  • f HAD, haloacid dehalogenase.