Table 2.

Primers used in this study

Primer nameSequenceaNucleotide recognition site (accession no.)
A start5′-gga tcc aaG GAG ATA CAT ATA TGA AAA AAT GGA-3′1885–1909 (U32175 )
rev A end5′-gtc gac TCG AAT GGC CAT CTT AGC ATC GAC-3′5398–5421 (U32175 )
88R5′-aga tca aga tcT GCA ATG CAA GGT CGC CAA CAC-3′2991–3010 (L23118 )
88BFD5′-aga tca aga tct CTG CCG CAC AGC TCC ATA GG-3′4711–4730 (L23118 )
5′BlueMCS5′-gat gat cAG CGG ATA ACA ATT TCA CAC AGG-3′827–846 (X52324 )
3′BlueMCS5′-gat gat cAC GCT TAC AAT TTC CAT TCG C-3′451–470 (X52324 )
NcoF5′-ATG CAA ATG GTA TAA AAG TTA G-3′5077–5099 (U32175 )
A end Sal5′-gtc gac CCA CTT ACA TCA ATC-3′5576–5591 (U32175 )
  • a Primer sequences homologous to the template are shown in capital letters, non-homologous sequences are in lowercase letters, and restriction sites incorporated into primers to facilitate the cloning of PCR products are underlined.