Table 1.

Characteristics of plasmids used for DNA vaccinationa

Plasmid nameAccession no.Expressed proteinSynonyms for mycobacterial AgSequence of insertProtein expression in murine fibroblasts
pEGFP-N1U55762EGFPNoneNo insertNucleus and cytoplasm, uniform
p65K-EGFPU15989M. avium 65-kDa Ag–EGFPWHO 2, CIE Ag 82, Hsp65, GroELCorrectCytoplasm, uniform
p85A-EGFPX53034M. bovis BCG Ag 85A-EGFPWHO 10(a), MPB44, P32, 32-kDa Ag, FbpACorrectCytoplasm, speckled
p85B-EGFPX63437M. avium Ag 85B-EGFPWHO 10(b), α-Ag, FbpBCorrectCytoplasm, speckled
pSodA-EGFPU11550M. avium SodA-EGFPWHO 4, CIE Ag 62, superoxide dismutaseFrameshiftNo expression
pCMV4.65X65546M. leprae 65-kDa AgWHO 2, CIE Ag 82, Hsp65, GroELNDND
pCMV7.36U15183M. leprae 36-kDa AgWHO 8, proline-rich antigenNDND
  • a Abbreviations: Ag, antigen; ND, not done.