Table 4.

Analysis of hemoprotein utilization by various Y. pestis hmu mutants

Y. pestisstrainRelevant hmucharacteristicsHemoprotein utilization on PMHA-EDDA plates after 3 days at 37°Ca
ChromosomePlasmidGrowthNo growth
KIM6+orfXY+hmuP′RSTUV+NoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, HxNone
KIM6-2044.1+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1NoneNoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, Hx
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU4)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1orfY+hmuP′RSTUV+He, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, HxNone
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU35)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1orfY hmuP′RSTUV+He, HbNT
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU37)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1orfY+hmuP′RS+ hmuT′Hb, Hb-Hp, HxHe, Mb, He-alb
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU30)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1hmuP′R+NoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, Hx
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU51)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1hmuS+hmuT′NoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, Hx
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU30 + pHMU51)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1hmuP′R+hmuS+ humT′HbHe
KIM6-2044.1(pHMU66)+ΔorfXY ΔhmuP′RSTUV-2044.1orfY+hmuP′R+ ΔhmuS hmuTUV+He, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, HxNone
KIM6-2061.1+In-frame ΔhmuR-2061.1NoneNoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, Hx
KIM6-2061.1(pHMU30)+In-frame ΔhmuR-2061.1hmuP′R+He, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, HxNone
KIM6-2062.1+In-frame ΔhmuS-2062.1NoneHe, Hb, Mb, Hb-Hp, He-alb, Hx(+/−)None
KIM6-2063.1+hmuT::cat-2063.1NoneHb, HxHe, Mb, Hb-Hp(?), He-alb
  • a Approximately 107 cells were overlaid onto deferrated PMH–100 μM EDDA agarose (PMHA-EDDA) plates. Twenty microliters of 500 μM hemin (He), 10 μM hemoglobin (Hb), 500 μM myoglobin (Mb), 100 μM hemoglobin-haptoglobin (Hb-Hp), 200 μM hemin-albumin (He-alb), or 100 μM heme-hemopexin (Hx) was added to 0.3-cm wells cut into the agarose, and growth around the wells was recorded after 3 days at 37°C. The concentrations of Hb-Hp (50% saturated), He-alb (50% saturated), and Hx (95% saturated) refer to the concentrations of the respective carrier proteins within the mixture. These results are based on at least three experiments. Hx(+/−), growth in two of three experiments; Hb-Hp(?), no growth in five of nine experiments; NT, no hemoproteins tested other than hemin and hemoglobin.