Summary of dosages of challenges and treatments and numbers of kidneys employed in the isolated perfused kidney experiments

ExptMethod of perfusionChallengeTreatmentNo. of kidneys tested
Effect of challenge with vasopressin (AVP)Constant flowAVP0.025 μM3
Constant flowAVP0.05 μM6
Constant flowAVP0.1 μM5
Diluent0 μg/ml5
Effect of ET challenge with constant flowConstant flowPA2.0 μg/ml7
ET1.0 μg/ml7
Constant flowPA4.0 μg/ml7
ET2.0 μg/ml6
Effect of ET challenge with constant pressureConstant pressurePA1.0 μg/ml9
ET0.5 μg/ml9
Constant pressurePA2.0 μg/ml6
ET1.0 μg/ml6
Effect of raxibacumab treatment with ET challengeConstant flowET1.0 μg/mlRaxibacumab10×b8
ET1.0 μg/mlControl06
Constant flowET1.0 μg/mlRaxibacumab50×3
ET1.0 μg/mlControl03
Effect of adefovir treatment with ET challengeConstant flowET1.0 μg/mlAdefovir20 μM7
ET1.0 μg/mlControl05
Constant flowET2.0 μg/mlAdefovir20 μM4
ET2.0 μg/mlControl04
  • a ET consists of edema factor and PA combined in a weight ratio of 1:2, and the dose of ET shown denotes the amount of EF employed.

  • b Molar amount of either raxibacumab or a nonspecific (control) MAb compared to PA.