Table 2.

Frequency of thrombotic blood vesselsa

C. perfringensstrainTotal no. of blood vesselsNo. (%) of vessels with thrombosis
Wild-type heat-killed (JIR325)c 2010
Wild-type (JIR325)b 47868 (14.2)
Theta-toxin-deficient (JIR4081)b 48563 (13.0)
Alpha-toxin deficient (JIR4120)c 4662 (0.4)
  • a Analysis of the frequency of thrombotic blood vessels in tissue samples taken 8 to 12 h postinjection. Thrombosis was determined by the presence of pale pink occlusions within hematoxylin and eosin-stained vessels, like those indicated in Fig. 1E and G, correlating to areas of platelet and fibrin deposition.

  • b Differs significantly from tissues injected with heat-killed C. perfringens cells (P < 0.0001).

  • c Differs significantly from tissues injected with wild-type C. perfringens cells (P < 0.0001).