Table 1.

CDSs identified on the 119-kb chromosomal sequence ofY. pestis 6/69M

CDSa designationSize (aab residues)Homologue as determined by FASTA% Identity (aaboverlap)
yp1 268GumP (X. campestris)33.7 (252)
yp2 338Oxidoreductase (E. coli)44.4 (331)
yp3 c 175GumO (X. campestris), C end39.5 (172)
yp3c 169GumO (X. campestris), N end38.9 (149)
yp4 658Anthranilate synthase (M. tuberculosis)34.3 (450)
yp5 190Hypothetical protein (E. coli)38.5 (179)
yp6 456Atrazine chlorohydrolase h. (M. xanthus)36.6 (421)
hutC 255HutC (P. putida)63.2 (242)
hutI 406HutI (P. putida)54.2 (408)
hutG 268HutG (P. putida)59.6 (260)
′yp7 c,d 50OmpF (S. marcescens), C end66.0 (50)
IS100 259IS100 transposase (Y. pestis)100 (259)
IS100 340IS100 transposase (Y. pestis) 100 (340)
yp7′ c 315OmpF (S. marcescens), N end58.0 (299)
aruE 330AruE (P. aeruginosa)38.1 (322)
aruB 447AruB (P. aeruginosa)60.8 (446)
aruD 505AruD (P. aeruginosa)63.5 (491)
aruF 350AruF (P. aeruginosa)52.9 (344)
aruC 414AruC (P. aeruginosa)58.9 (416)
yp8 473Tyrosine aminotransferase (E. coli)56.8 (465)
yp9 593NarX (E. coli)47.9 (595)
chaA 366Calcium/proton antiporter ChaA (E. coli)78.4 (356)
phoH 262Phosphate starvation-inducible PhoH (E. coli)91.2 (262)
yp10 299Hypothetical protein (S. cerevisiae)42.6 (230)
hmsS 155HmsS (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (155)
hmsR 457HmsR (Y. pestis KIM6+)99.8 (457)
hmsF 673HmsF (Y. pestisKIM6+)96.9 (673)
hmsH 822HmsH (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (822)
yp11 405Proline peptidase (B. subtilis)25.7 (390)
tehB 295Tellurite resistance protein (E. coli)61.3 (191)
yp12 104Cytochromec553 precursor (D. vulgaris)29.8 (104)
yp13 165ResA (B. subtilis)28.8 (132)
yp14 237ABC transporter (E. coli)44.0 (225)
yp15 387Integral membrane protein (B. subtilis)22.9 (385)
yp16 430ABC transporter (E. coli)22.6 (442)
yp17 469H+-transporting ATPase (A. castellanii)26.7 (225)
yp18 175Membrane antigen precursor (T. pallidum)40.0 (170)
yp19 639Unknown
yp20 546YfiU (B. subtilis)25.3 (538)
yp21 340Putative glutaminase (E. coli)42.5 (306)
yp22 256DeoR family, transcription regulator (B. subtilis)61.9 (252)
ansP 508 l-Asparagine permease (E. coli)79.6 (489)
yp23 386Aminotransferase (S. solfataricus)33.1 (393)
yp24 199NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase (H. influenzae)69.0 (197)
yp25 320LysR family, transcription regulator (E. coli)27.0 (293)
yp26 289Unknown
yp27 409Transport protein (R. eutropha)44.2 (407)
yp28 186Unknown
yp29 157Unknown
yp30 294LysR family, transcription regulator (E. coli)40.8 (289)
yp31 280Citrate lyase beta-chain (E. coli)32.0 (291)
yp32 180Regulatory protein (M. tuberculosis)45.1 (173)
yp33 4404-Hydroxybutyrate coenzyme A transferase (C. kluyveri)40.0 (440)
yp34 210BvgA (B. pertussis), FimZ (E. coli)48.3 (207)
yp35′ c 464BvgS, sensor protein (B. pertussis), N end26.3 (437)
′yp35 c 803BvgS, sensor protein (B. pertussis, C end30.9 (783)
yp36 176Pilin precursor (E. coli)37.9 (177)
yp37 214HifB, periplasmic chaperone (H. influenzae)30.7 (228)
yp38 863FocD, outer membrane usher protein (E. coli)29.8 (857)
yp39 449HifA (H. influenzae)27.8 (187)
yp40 246F17d-D, chaperone (E. coli)33.1 (248)
asntRNA88Asparagine tRNA synthetase (Y. pseudotuberculosis)100 (88)
int 420Int (Y. pseudotuberculosis)100 (420)
IntB, p rophage P4 integrase (E. coli)54.1 (390)
Int, bacteriophage P449.5 (420)
ybtS 434YbtS (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (434)
ybtX 462YbtX (Y. pestisKIM6+)100 (462)
ybtQ 600YbtQ (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (600)
ABC transporter, (M. tuberculosis)32.5 (587)
ybtP 600YbtP (Y. pestis KIM6+)99.8 (600)
ABC transporter (M. tuberculosis)35.7 (577)
ybtA 319YbtA AraC type regulator (Y. pestisKIM6+)100 (319)
irp2 2,041HMWP2 (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (2041)
irp1 3,163HMWP1 (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (3163)
ybtU 365YbtU (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (365)
Irp3 (Y. enterocolitica)97.8 (365)
ybtT 267YbtT (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (267)
ybtE 525YbtE (Y. pestis KIM6+)100 (525)
psn 673Psn, pesticin receptor (Y. pestisKIM6+)100 (673)
yp41 140Unknown
yp42 168Unknown
yp43 61ORF 88 (bacteriophage P4)36.1 (61)
yp44 54Unknown
yp45 193Unknown
yp46 69ORF 82 (bacteriophage P2), DNA-binding protein31.9 (69)
TraR (E. coli)33.8 (68)
yp47 59Hha, hemolysin expression modulator (E. coli)33.8 (57)
YmoA, modulating virulence expression35.8 (53)
IS100 259IS100 transposase (Y. pestis)100 (259)
IS100 355IS100 transposase (Y. pestis)100 (355)
′yp48 c 113MalK C-terminal (E. coli)33.3 (87)
yp48′ c 296MalK N-terminal (E. coli)59.6 (265)
yp49 275MalG (E. coli)35.3 (266)
yp50 286ABC transporter (Rhizobium sp.)37.6 (269)
yp51 422ABC transporter (Sinorhizobium fredii)26.7 (419)
  • a Coding sequence.

  • b aa, amino acid.

  • c Designates an interrupted coding sequence.

  • d yp7 is also highly similar to theE. coli PhoE protein.