Table 1.

Effects of anti IL-12 on expression of costimulatory molecules

CD28 on T cellsB7.2 on T cellsB7.2 on non-T cells
OVA/alum + IgG483644
BA+OVA/alum + IgG195188
BA+OVA/alum + anti IL-12255968
  • a BALB/c mice were immunized with the antigens shown, and spleen cells were assessed for expression of CD28 or B7.2 40 h later.

  • b ΔMCF is the MCF for a particular marker after subtraction of the MCF obtained from the background staining with the isotype-matched control antibody. MCFs for the isotype-matched antibody for each treatment were similar. T cells were gated as cells positive for anti-CD3 staining; non-T cells were gated as CD3 cells.