Table 1.

Frequencies of various cell types in the livers of DEM-treated, LPS-challenged C3HeB/FeJ mice that express TNF-α, CD14, or iNOS

AntigenTreatmentaNo. of positive Kupffer cells/HPFbNo. of positive hepatocytes/HPFbIntensity of positive endothelial cellsb,c
TNF-αVehicle20.8 ± 1.1<0.2
DEM<0.2d <0.2
CD14Vehicle61.7 ± 2.1<0.2++
DEM61.0 ± 2.5<0.2++
iNOSVehicle65.2 ± 2.981 ± 4++
DEM63.3 ± 1.8<0.2d +
  • a Two groups of mice (n = 6/ group) received either the sesame oil vehicle or 5.3 mmol of DEM/kg i.p. 2 h prior to being challenged i.p. with 100 μg ofS. enteritidis LPS. Tissues were recovered either 1 h (for TNF-α) or 6 h (for iNOS and CD14) later.

  • b At least five randomly selected HPFs (magnification, ×200) were scored for each tissue section (n = 6 mice/group).

  • c Intensity scores for endothelial cells were assigned on a scale from − to +++ (see Materials and Methods).

  • d The results for this group differed significantly from those for its control (vehicle-treated) group (P < 0.005) as calculated by Student’s ttest.