Table 3.

ORFs defined in the right extremity of the Yen HPI and downstream of the DR17

ProteinPredicted mass (kDa)Predicted functionAmino acid identity, protein, organism (accession no.)
Right end of Yen HPI
 Tnp IS1328 35.5Transposase67% to plasmid R751 TnpA (U60777)
 TnpA IS1329 12.9Transposase42% to IS91112.7-kDa protein (P39213)
 TnpB IS1329 28.7Transposase40% to IS911OrfB (AF074613)
 Orf1318.7Transposase98% to IS1222 transposase (B38965)
 TnpA IS1400 11.1Transposase88% to ORFA transposase ofSalmonella enteritidis (Z83734)
 TnpB IS1400 35.1Transposase40% to OrfB of IS3 family (U39501)
 Orf1622.824% to YfjK of E. coli (P52126)
 Orf1744.535% to YfjK of E. coli (P52126)
 Orf1943.122% to YfjL of E. coli (P52127)
 Orf2043.224% to ComE integral protein of Bacillus subtilis (P39695)
Downstream of the DR17
 Orf2113.643% to uracyl hydrolase of E. coli (P39219)
 Orf22>14.786% to E. coli nucleoprotein/polynucleotide-associated enzyme (U73857)