Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or descriptionReference
 MGAS166M1 SpeA2, streptomycin resistant 25
 SBmuc5Tn916::csrR 5
 SBmuc7Tn916::csrR (reverse orientation of SBmuc5) 5
 UMAA2392MGAS166 ΔcsrR csrS (single base pair change in start codon [ATG→ACG])This study
 NLB2226MGAS166 (pNLB2223) 16
 UMAA2497MGAS166 ΔhasAB This study
 UMAA2526UMAA2392 ΔhasAB This study
 UMAA2499SBmuc5 (pASH2477)This study
 UMAA2353SBmuc7 (pNLB2223)This study
 UMAA2561UMAA2392 (pNLB2223)This study
 pJRS233 emR, pGHOST4+oriV(Ts) (in streptococci) 28
 pLZ12spec aad9, shuttle vector 17
 pJRS525 aad9, shuttle vector with MCS and lacZ 23
 pNLB2223pLZ12spec carryingcsrR 16
 pASH2477pLZ12spec carrying csrRS This study
 pASH2233pJRS233 carrying ΔcsrR This study
 pASH2468pJRS233 carrying ΔhasAB This study