Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Reference or source
Y. pestis
 KIMBG mediavalisR. R. Brubaker
 KIMpgm Spontaneous nonpigmented mutant of KIMThis study
Y. pseudotuberculosis
 PB1Serotype O:1AR. R. Brubaker
 PB1 Nalr Nalr derivative of PB1This study
Y. enterocolitica
 WA-314Clinical isolate, O:8 BG 1B 23
 WA-CPlasmidless derivative of WA-314, Nalr 23
 8081Clinical isolate, O:8 BG 1B 32
 Ye1209-79Clinical isolate, O:13 BG 1B 23
 Ye1223-75-1Clinical isolate, O:20 BG 1B 23
 Ye737Clinical isolate, O:21 BG 1B 23
 Y-108Clinical isolate, O:3 BG 4 23
 108-CPlasmidless derivative of Y-108 23
 H567/90Clinical isolate, O:5,27 BG 3 23
 Y-96Clinical isolate, O:9 BG 2 23
 96-CPlasmidless derivative of Y-96 23
 NF-OClinical isolate, O:5 BG 1A 37
E. coli
 PhiPesticin sensitive, carrying HPIR. R. Brubaker
 K49Pesticin sensitive, carrying HPI, ColK, O:156 36
 K235Pesticin sensitive, carrying HPI, ColK, O:1 36
 D-1041-86Enteroaggregative, O:44 40
 C-4441Enteroaggregative, O:128 40
 12860Enteroinvasive, O:124 40
 12H2pLAFR2 cosmid carrying Y. enterocolitica WA-C HPI sequences upstream of theirp2 gene, Tcr 35
 D11pLAFR2 cosmid carrying Y. pseudotuberculosis PB1 HPI sequences downstream of theirp1 gene 36
 pRS3 EcoRI-BamHI fragment of 8081 HPI carrying RS3 8
 pEBa BamHI-EcoRI fragment of 8081 between pRS3 and EBg2.4 8
 EBg2.4 EcoRI-BglII fragment of 8081 HPI carrying IS1400 8
 pMOSCloning vector, Apr Amersham
 pBluescript KSIICloning vector, Apr Stratagene