Table 1.

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristic(s)Source or reference
S. parasanguis
  FW213Wild type 11
  VT1346FW213pepO::aphA-3 This study
E. coli
  JM109Host strain for cloning and plasmid propagationPromega
  LE392Host strain for propagation of λEMBL3Promega
 pT7Blue2.9-kb PCR cloning vector; Apr Novagen
 pUC182.7-kb cloning vector; Apr New England Biolabs
 pVT573664-bp SstI-BglII internal fragment of fimA ligated into pUC18; Apr 20
 pVT11981.9-kbEcoRI fragment containing portions of pepO andfimC ORFs ligated into pUC18; Apr This study
 pVT13784.4-kb SalI-KpnI fragment containing pepO and 3′ flanking sequences ligated intoKpnI-SalI sites of pT7Blue; Apr This study
 pVA981Replicates in E. coli but not in streptococci; Tcr 49
 pVT13273.5-kbPstI-SstI fragment containing sequences frompepO and the fimA operon ligated intoPstI-SstI sites of pT7Blue; Apr This study
 pVT1299pVT1327 with 1.5-kbaphA3 gene inserted at KpnI site ofpepO; Apr Kmr This study
 pVT13335.0-kb insert from pVT1299 containing disruptedpepO gene ligated into pVA981; KmrTcr This study