Table 1.

Health assessment of mice chronically treated with CpG ODNa

Parameter measuredMeasurement 1 day after 10 weekly doses
PBS controlCpG ODN treated
Body wt (g)21.12 ± 0.3821.18 ± 0.48
Liver wt (g)0.97 ± 0.081.01 ± 0.05
Spleen size (no. of cells [106])85.60 ± 14.3891.60 ± 10.16
  • a BALB/c mice were injected i.p. with PBS or 50 μg of CpG ODN every week for over 2 months (10 injections). One day after the last injection, the animals were sacrificed. The total body and liver weights were recorded, as were the number of leukocytes in the spleen. The data represent the mean ± standard deviation of six individually tested mice/group from two different experiments.