Table 4.

Comparison of the HPI in STEC and Y. pestisand Y. enterocolitica

StrainSerotypeSize of PCR product (bp) from regiona:
STEC 3172/97O128:H21,2001,4001,200160800230280240360780 —b8002,8002,8001,3003001,7002,500
STEC 5720/96O26:H9001,1009001608002302802403607808002,8002,8001,3003001,7002,500
E. coliDH5α
Y. pestisKIM6+1,2551,5001,2031607972332862373597801008302,7972,8051,3403001,7622,518
Y. enterocoliticaWA-314O81,2551,5001,203160797233286237359780NPc8302,7972,9301,3403001,7622,518
  • a I to XI are regions shown in Fig. 1A; XII to XVIII are regions shown in Fig. 1B. The sizes ofYersinia PCR products derived from regions I to XVIII are according to the published HPI sequences (13, 34, 39); the sizes of E. coli PCR products derived from the corresponding regions of E. coli strains were determined after agarose gel electrophoresis.

  • b —, no PCR product obtained.

  • c NP, not present.