Table 1.

Potential virulence factors of STEC strains used in this study

SerotypeTotal no. of strainsNo. containingstx geneNo. containing eaeNo. containing EHEC hly
stx1 stx2 stx1 plus stx2
O157:H7/H 37225a 10a 3737
O26:H11/H 31131533131
O111:H 149051413
O145:H 1339a 1a 1313
O128:H2/H 1221b 9b 07
Otherc 863728d 21d 2145
  • a stx2 variant wasstx2c .

  • b stx2 variant wasstx2d .

  • c Fifty different serotypes within 39 O serogroups; the serotypes that comprised at least three strains were O8:H (six strains), O62:H (three strains), O78:H (three strains), O113:H (three strains), and O118:H (three strains).

  • d stx2 variant wasstx2c (nine strains) orstx2d (22 strains).