Table 2.

Impact of repeated CpG ODN administration on survivala

TreatmentDuration of treatment (wk)Day of challenge post-Rxc% Survival
CpG ODN110
CpG ODN13100
CpG ODN11490
CpG ODN1210
CpG ODN101100
CpG ODN1014100
CpG ODN202100
CpG ODN2013100
CpG ODN202130
CpG ODN20280
GpC ODNb2010
GpC ODNb20140
  • a BALB/c mice were injected i.p. every 2 weeks for up to 4 months with 50 μg of ODN. They were challenged with 103 LD50 of L. monocytogenes on the day shown after the last treatment. The data represent the percentage of mice surviving for >3 weeks. Each group shown consists of 5 to 15 animals. All cases of 90 to 100% survival are statistically significant (P < 0.05).

  • b Note that these are control GpC ODN.

  • c Rx, treatment.