Table 3.

Comparison of induction of PompC1and PompC3, controlling expression of GFPuv, within the host strains E. coli DH5α and CVD 908-htrA

StrainInduction result with:Induction ratioc
Low osmolarity150 mM NaCl
OD600aMean fluorescence intensitybOD600Mean fluorescence intensityb
DH5α0.610.30.950.3 NAd
CVD 908-htrA 0.580.30.650.3NA
CVD 908-htrA(pGFPompC1)0.605.40.5423.44.4
CVD 908-htrA(pGFPompC3)0.542.60.5317.16.7
  • a OD600, optical density at 600 nm.

  • b All standard error values are less than 0.1.

  • c Defined as the ratio of mean fluorescent intensity measured after induction with 150 mM NaCl divided by the basal level of mean fluorescent intensity measured at low osmolarity.

  • d NA, not applicable.