Table 1.

Summary of hamster immunization and challenge experimentsa

Exptl design parameterExpt 1Expt 2Expt 3
No. of groups668
No. of animals/group969
Route of immunizationi.p.i.p.s.q.
Immunization dose (μg of recombinant)505050
AdjuvantNoneNoneAluminum hydroxide
Purity of recombinant (%)5–103–53–5
Immunization schedule (day)0, 28, 550, 28, 560, 28, 56
Challenge day697070
Challenge dose (no. of L. kirschneri cells i.p.)100100500
Groups (host:antigen)XL:OmpL1-MXL:OmpL1-MXL:OmpL1-M
XL (control)XL (control)JM:LipL41-M
JM:LipL41-MJM:LipL41-MXL:OmpL1-M, JM:LipL41-M
JM (control)JM (control)XL + JM (control)
XL:OmpL1-M, JM:LipL41-MXL:OmpL1-M, JM:LipL41-MHis6-OmpL1
XL + JM (control)XL + JM (control)His6-LipL41
His6-OmpL1, His6-LipL41
Saline control
  • a Abbreviations: XL, E. coliXL1-Blue with pMMB66 or pMMB66-OmpL1; JM, E. coli JM109(DE3) with pET-15b or pET-15b-LipL41*; s.q., subcutaneous.