Table 2.

Cross-protection of CBA/N mice immunized with recombinant PspCa

Immunogen (PspC fragment)Challenge strainNo. of live mice/no. of dead mice
L81905 (aa 263 to 482)WU2 (PspA+PspC)13/01/12<0.0001
D39 (aa 1 to 445)WU2 (PspA+PspC)5/00/50.008
D39 (aa 255 to 445)WU2 (PspA+PspC)4/10/50.048
D39 (aa 255 to 445)BG7322 (PspA+PspC+)13/81/190.0002
  • a Immunized mice received PspC with adjuvant; nonimmunized mice received adjuvant and buffer. Mice were challenged 21 days postimmunization with 700 CFU of WU2 or 2,000 CFU of BG7322 injected intravenously in 0.2 ml of Ringer's injection solution.

  • b The statistical difference between immunized and nonimmunized mice was calculated with the Fisher exact test.