Table 4.

Effect of PMN depletion on survival timea

TreatmentSurvival time (h)
Mean ± SDMedian
Saline + control IgG123 ± 22115
Saline + anti-Ly-6G IgG47 ± 347
LPS + control IgG191 ± 60168b
LPS + anti-Ly-6G IgG73 ± 374c
  • a Mice were pretreated i.v. with saline or serovar Abortus equi LPS (1 mg/kg) three times at 24-h intervals. Twenty-four hours after the last LPS injection, LPS-tolerant mice and saline-pretreated controls were infected with serovar Typhimurium (106 bacteria/kg i.p.), and survival time was determined. To study the role of PMNs, the mice received anti-Ly-6G IgG (RB6-8C5) or normal rat IgG i.p. 16 h prior to (0.6 mg) and 8 and 32 h after (0.3 mg) initiation of infection. The data are from one of two experiments (n = 6).

  • b Significantly different from saline plus control IgG (P < 0.05).

  • c Significantly different from saline plus anti-Ly-6G (P < 0.001).