Table 2.

Sequence similarities of L. pneumophilagenes identified by signature-tagged mutagenesisa

Mutant strainHomologous geneOrganismPutative function% Identity% PositiveLength (amino acids)ScoreE value
STM-1 ccmF Pseudomonas fluorescens Cytochrome cbiogenesis46562131594e−38
STM-2 flrC Vibrio cholera Transcriptional activator of a two-component regulatory system that regulates flagella biosynthesis60742582801e−74
STM-3 lspK Legionella pneumophila Type II secretion system structural protein
STM-4Unknown (207 nucleotides)
STM-5 aroB Legionella pneumophila Aromatic amino acid biosynthesis
STM-6 traA Rhizobiumsp. NGR234 Protein involved in conjugal transfer36562711661e−39
  • a The values are taken from a Basic Local Alignment Search Tool for amino acid comparison (blastx program) (3). The amino acid length refers to a contiguous length of sequence similarity.