Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

StrainDescriptionReference or source
P. aeruginosa PAO1Wild type58
P. aeruginosa PA14Wild-type P. aeruginosa59
S. aureus SA31S. aureus sp. aureus strain ATCC 29213Remel Microbiology Products
P. aeruginosa mutants
    PAO Δvfrvfr deletion of PAO-SW60
    PAO-JP2PAO1 ΔlasI ΔrhlI mutant, Tcr Hgr61
    PAO-JM2PAO1 ΔrhlI mutant, Tcr62
    PAO1 lasI::GmrPAO1 insertion mutant (Gmr) in the lasI gene63
    PAO1 lasR::GmrPAO1insertion mutant (Gmr) in the lasR gene64
    PA14 rhlI::TcrPA14 insertion mutant (Tcr) in the rhlI gene65
    PA14 rhlR::TcrPA14 insertion mutant (Tcr) in the rhlR gene65
    PAO1 lasA::TcrPAO1 insertion mutant (Tcr) in the lasA gene66
    PAO1 ΔpqsApqsA deletion mutant; PQS negative67
    PAO1 ΔpqsA pqsHDouble deletion mutant in PAO130
    PAO1 ΔpqsEpqsE in-frame deletion mutant in PAO168
    PAO1(prhlI-LVAgfp)P. aeruginosa PAO1 carrying the rhlI-gfp transcriptional reporter on plasmid prhlI-LVAgfp69
    PAO1(plasI-LVAgfp)P. aeruginosa PAO1 carrying the lasI-gfp transcriptional reporter on plasmid plasI-LVAgfp69
    PA14(pGJB5)P. aeruginosa PA14 carrying the transcriptional rsaL-gfp reporter on plasmid pGJB570
    PAO1 lasB::GFPMH451 lac::lasR lasB::gfp(ASV), GFP reporter of the PAO1 lasB gene71
    PA14(pAW1)P. aeruginosa PA14 carrying the pqsA-gfp transcriptional reporter on plasmid pAW1This study
    E. coli(pSB1075)aE. coli 3OC12-HSL luminescent reporter strain72
    E. coli(p536)E. coli C4-HSL luminescent reporter strain73
    PAO1 pqsA CTX-lux::pqsApqsA mutant containing a chromosomal pqsA-luxCDABE transcriptional reporter74
  • a E. coli, Escherichia coli.