Table 5.

CpG ODN 1585 induces protective immunity against sporozoite challenge

ExptTreatmentDose of ODN (μg)Day of ODN treatmentaNo. infected/ total% ProtectionPvalueb
1CpG ODN 1826100−11/10900.0001
CpG ODN 1585200−13/10700.003
CpG ODN 1585100−16/10400.087
CpG ODN 158550−18/10200.474
Control ODN 2118200−110/100
2CpG ODN 1826100−10/101000.000008
CpG ODN 1585500−13/10700.003
CpG ODN 158550007/10300.210
CpG ODN 1585500+16/10400.087
CpG ODN 1585200−11/10900.0001
CpG ODN 158520008/10200.474
CpG ODN 1585200+18/10200.474
CpG ODN 1585100−1, 01/10900.0001
CpG ODN 1585100−1, 0, +11/10900.0001
Control ODN 2118500−1, 0, +110/100
  • a CpG ODN was administered i.m. in the tibialis anterior muscle on the day indicated relative to i.v. inoculation of sporozoites on day 0.

  • b P values were calculated by comparing protection induced by CpG ODN 1585 treatment versus control ODN 2118 treatment, using the chi-square test (uncorrected) or Fisher's exact test (two-tailed) (if the expected cell value was less than five). P values of <0.05 were considered significant.