Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant phenotypeReference or source
S. aureus
 RN6390Wild-type laboratory strain23
 RN4220Highly transformable strain23
 RN6911 agr RN6390 strain18
 ALC135 agr sar RN6390 strain8
 ALC136 sar RN6390 strainAmbrose Cheung
 KB600RN6390 spl operon null mutantThis study
 KB601RN6390 splB mutantThis study
 BrittinghamTSSa isolateAmy Bryant
 Israel #1TSS isolateAmy Bryant
 Israel #2TSS isolateAmy Bryant
 NewmanProduces type 5 capsuleChia Y. Lee
 MProduces type 1 capsuleChia Y. Lee
 WrightProduces type 8 capsuleChia Y. Lee
 BeckerProduces type 8 capsuleChia Y. Lee
 ColMRSAb John J. Iandolo
 DU4916MRSAJohn J. Iandolo
 NovelBovine mastitis isolate33
 305Bovine mastitis isolate22
E. coli DH5αHighly transformable strainBethesda Research Laboratories
 pCL52.2Temperature-sensitive cloning vector30
 pER924Temperature-sensitive cloning vector5
 pRN5548High-copy gram-positive plasmid24
 pDG647Source of Emr cassette16
 pSR7pRN5548 derivative used in expression ofsplABCD This study
  • a TSS, toxic shock syndrome.

  • b MRSA, methicillin-resistant S. aureus.