Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used in this work

Strain or plasmidRelevant characteristicsaReference or source
E. coli
 DH5αFrm+ø80dlacZΔM15Gibco BRL
 MC1061FaraD139Δ(ara-leu)7696 galE15 galK16Δ(lac)X74 rpsL (Strr)hsdR2 (rkmK+) mcrA mcrBl41
 BL21 (DE3)Expression host, inducible T7 RNA polymeraseNovagen
 RH110E. faecalisOG1RF::Tn916ΔE rif fus erm28
 12021S. mitisThis study
 SF100Smr derivative of S. mitisstrain 12021This study
 PS101SF100pblT::Tn916ΔEThis study
 PS116SF100pblA::Tn916ΔEThis study
 PS163SF100 pblT::pVA891This study
 PS301SF100 pblA::pVA891This study
 PS344SF100Δ[ORF1-pblB]This study
 PS345SF100 pblB::pVA891This study
 PS361SF100 pblR::pVA891This study
 PS385PS301(pDC123)This study
 PS386PS301(pSF116A)This study
 PS389PS345(pDC123)This study
 PS390PS345(pSF116B)This study
 PS416PS301(pSF116B)This study
 pWE15Cos, Apr39
 pVA891Tcr, cat, ori (E. coli), erm (gram positive)18
 pDC123cat phoZ, streptococcal expression vector with blue-white screening7
 pSF116ApblA cloned in pDC123This study
 PSF116BpblB cloned in pDC123This study
  • a Smr, streptomycin resistance; Apr, ampicillin resistance; Tcr, tetracycline resistance. Cos, recognition site for packaging by phage lambda.