Table 3.

Protection of mice from a lethal challenge with pneumococci following passive immunization with rabbit polyclonal antisera raised against recombinant pneumococcal proteins

AntigenMotifNo. of survivors/total no.
SJ2 (type 6B)WU2 (type 3)EF5668 (type 4)
Specific serumNonspecific serumSpecific serumNonspecific serumSpecific serumNonspecific serum
Sp36SPase II10/10a 1/109/10a 0/105/10a 0/10
Sp46Choline-binding protein5/10a 1/10NDb ND
Sp91Choline-binding protein2/101/107/10a 0/10ND
Sp130Cell wall anchor2/102/107/10a 0/10ND
  • a Significantly different from the value for the nonspecific serum group (P < 0.05).

  • b ND, not determined.