Table 6.

Mechanism of CpG ODN 1585-induced protective immunity

ODNTreatmentDays of CpG ODN administrationaNo. infected/ total% ProtectionPvalued
1826Control Ig−1, 00/10100
1585Control Ig−1, 03/967
1585Anti-IFN-γb −1, 08/9110.016
1585Anti-IL-12−1, 08/9110.016
1585Anti-iNOSc −1, 06/9330.157
1585Anti-NK cells−1, 07/9220.058
1585Anti-CD8+ T cells−1, 06/9330.157
1585Anti-CD4+T cells−1, 03/9670.999
2118Control Ig−1, 010/100
  • a ODN 1826 (50 μg) or ODN 1585 (200 μg) was administered on days −1 and 0 relative to i.v. inoculation of sporozoites on day 0.

  • b One milligram of anti-IFN-γ MAb was administered on each of days −3 (i.v.), −2 (i.p.), 0 (i.v.), and +2 (i.v.) relative to challenge.

  • c Aminoguanidine (50 mg/kg of body weight) was administered twice daily by gastric lavage, commencing 24 h before ODN administration and continuing until 72 h postchallenge.

  • d P values were calculated by comparing protection induced by CpG ODN 1585 treatment versus control ODN 2118 treatment, using the chi-square test (uncorrected) or Fisher's exact test (two-tailed) (if the expected cell value was less than five).P values of <0.05 were considered significant.