Table 2.

H. pylori ORFs highly expressed in microarraya

 ORF (expressionb) Putative gene product (gene)
HP0011 (1.2)Cochaperone (groES)
HP0056 (0.7)Delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate dehydrogenase
HP0072 (1.5)Urease beta subunit (urea amidohydrolase) (ureB)
HP0097 (1.0)Hypothetical protein
HP0242 (0.3)Hypothetical protein
HP0294 (1.1)Aliphatic amidase (aimE)
HP0306 (0.8)Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutase (hemL)
HP0311 (0.9)Hypothetical protein
HP0389 (1.0)Superoxide dismutase (sodB)
HP0390 (0.4)Adhesin-thiol peroxidase (tagD)
HP0411 (0.6)Hypothetical protein
HP0452 (1.1)Hypothetical protein
HP0486 (1.2)Hypothetical protein
HP0515 (0.6)Heat shock protein (hslV)
HP0540 (0.6)cag pathogenicity island protein (cag19)
HP0547 (1.2)cagpathogenicity island protein (cag26)
HP0570 (0.9)Aminopeptidase a/i (pepA)
HP0558 (1.1)Beta ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein synthase II (fabF)
HP0561 (0.7)3-Ketoacyl-acyl carrier protein reductase (fabG)
HP0591 (0.6)Ferredoxin oxidoreductase, gamma subunit
HP0593 (0.9)Adenine specific DNA methyltransferase (mod)
HP0596 (1.3)Hypothetical protein
HP0601 (1.2)Flagellin A (flaA)
HP0627 (0.7)Hypothetical protein
HP0648 (1.7)UDP-N-acetylglucosamine enolpyruvyl transferase (murZ)
HP0682 (0.9)Hypothetical protein
HP0695 (1.4)Hydantoin utilization protein A (hyuA)
HP0696 (1.4)N-Methylhydantoinase
HP0697 (0.6)Hypothetical protein
HP0719 (0.9)Hypothetical protein
HP0784 (1.4)Hypothetical protein
HP0865 (0.7)Deoxyuridine 5′-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dut)
HP0866 (0.4)Transcription elongation factor GreA (greA)
HP0871 (0.8)CDP-diglyceride hydrolase (cdh)
HP0873 (1.2)Hypothetical protein
HP0897 (0.5)Hypothetical protein
HP0900 (0.6)Hydrogenase expression-formation protein (hypB)
HP0950 (1.1)Acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase beta subunit (accD)
HP0951 (0.9)Fumarate reductase, flavoprotein subunit (frdA)
HP0978 (0.9)Cell division protein (ftsA)
HP0979 (0.9)Cell division protein (ftsZ)
HP0981 (1.1)Exonuclease VII-like protein (xseA)
HP1153-2 (1.3)Yalyl-tRNA synthetase (valS)
HP1241-2 (0.5)Alanyl-tRNA synthetase (alaS)
HP1243-2 (0.7)Outer membrane protein (omp28)
HP1390 (1.4)Hypothetical protein
HP1398 (1.3)Alanine dehydrogenase (ald)
HP1445 (0.7)Biopolymer transport protein (exbB)
HP1454 (0.8)Hypothetical protein
HP1468 (0.9)Branched-chain amino acid aminotransferase (ilvE)
HP1469 (0.5)Outer membrane protein (omp31)
HP1558 (1.3)Conserved hypothetical protein
HP1527 (0.8)Hypothetical protein
23S (1.0)c23S rRNA
  • a Among of 1,534 ORFs, 53 ORFs were highly expressed (i.e., had a densitometry ratio of >0.3 compared to the internal standard [23S rRNA]), including 22 ORFs that were very highly expressed (ratio > 1.0) and 31 ORFs with densitometry ratios between 0.3 and 1.0.

  • b The expression level is shown as the mean densitometry ratio of each ORF to 23S rRNA.

  • c The 23S rRNA gene was used as an internal control.