Table 2.

Characteristics of gene products encoded by the PS116 locus

GeneSize (nt)Predicted mol mass (kDa)Homologs (% similarity/% identity)
ORF154919L. lactis phage r1t ORF37a (76/61)
ORF230912L. lactis phage r1t ORF38a (77/47)
ORF337814L. lactis phage r1t ORF39a (69/51)
pblA3,021107L. lactis phage r1t ORF40a (62/52) and ORF42a(42/27)
ORF469326No significant similarity
pblB3,186121S. thermophilus phage 01205 ORF45 (48/33)b
  • a ORF37 through ORF42 of phage r1t are within a region encoding structural proteins.

  • b The similarity to ORF45 is limited to the carboxy-terminal half of PblB.