Table 2.

P. multocida genes identified as in vivo expressed

CategoryStrainaCFU recovered after repassage in vivobIn vitro KAN MIC (μg/ml)Gene identified as in vivo expressed% Amino acid identity (similarity)cFunction or role of homologPm70 no.d
LipoproteinsMHS25 (3)+++30 hpd 65 (78) to protein DGlycerol metabolism, surface-exposed lipoproteinPM1444
MHS30 (6)++10 pcp 73 (88) to PCPOuter membrane-associated lipoproteinPM0554
Pyrimidine synthesis and salvage functionsMHS17 (1)+++20 dcd 91 (97) to DcdDeoxycytidine deaminasePM0951
Biosynthetic and metabolic functionsMHS23 (6)+++10 dsbD 43 (58) to DsbDThiol-disulfide interchange proteinPM0221
MHT6+10 speF 56 (77) to SpeFInducible ornithine decarboxylase, maintenance of cellular polyaminesPM0806
MHZ12+20 ackA-pta Only putative promoter region of pta presentFermentation of acetyl-CoA; regulation of virulence gene expressionPM0704 and PM705
MHW40+10 srlD 81 (87) to SrlD of E. amylovora Sorbitol-6-phosphate dehydrogenasePM1968
MHS7 (2)++10 nrfE Only putative promoter region presentFormate-dependent nitrite reduction proteinPM0027
MHX6++10 yiaK 71 (83) to YiaKPutative dehydrogenasePM1256
Hypothetical or unknown proteinsMHS6 +40 ycbK 64 (82) to YcbKUnknownPM0271
MSH27 (10)+10 ycbL 90 (100) to YcbLUnknownPM0272
MHW39+5 ychN 44 (76) to YchN of E. coli UnknownPM0514
MHW32+0 orfX No database matchUnknown
MHY6++10No database matchUnknown
MHY29+5 H10894 Only putative promoter region presentPutative membrane proteinPM1135
MHY40+++20 yeeX 80 (89) to YeeX of E. coli Putative alpha-helix proteinPM0836
  • a Strain isolated multiple times from different mice during primary in vivo selection. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of other identical clones found.

  • b Approximate numbers recovered after repassaging strains in mice, +, 10 to 102 CFU; ++, 102 to 103 CFU; +++, >103 CFU.

  • c All database matches were to proteins ofH. influenzae unless otherwise noted.

  • d Gene designation scheme for the P. multocida Pm70 genome sequence (