Table 2.

Distribution of gingipain activities in and binding of KB cells to intact bacteria and extracellular fractions from P. gingivalis parent and mutant strainsa

StrainGenotype% Total residual activity in vesicle plus VDS fractionsbDistribution of Rgp and Kgp catalytic activities between extracellular fractionsc and their KB cell binding
RgpKgp% ActivityKB binding% ActivityKB binding
ATCC 33277 rgpA + rgpB + 1001007865+2235+
KDP110 rgpA 1061028372+1728+
KDP111 rgpB 18698237+1863+
KDP112 rgpA rgpB 027000100
DPG3 fimA 68513035+7065+
  • a All intact bacteria showed the ability to bind KB cells.

  • b Percentage of the level for ATCC 33277.

  • c Percentage of the total activity in the combined vesicle and supernatant fractions.