Table 2.

Histopathology in B. burgdorferi-infected rabbit skin during disease progession and development of immunity

Cell typeImmunohistochemical staining at (wk p.i.)a
3 (16/20)13 (0/20)24 (0/20)
B. burgdorferi +/−+/−b
B lymphocytes+, +/−
T lymphocytes+/−
CD11b+cells+/−c +/−c
  • a The number of skin-culture-positive rabbits per total number of animals observed is indicated in parentheses. Observations were made for two rabbits: −, none; +/−, few/some; +, moderate; ++, numerous.

  • b Detection of only B. burgdorferi antigen.

  • c Macrophages as determined by microscopic analysis of H&E-stained serial sections.