Table 2.

Sequential immunization with DNA-85B and BCG is superior to vaccination with BCG alone

Groups (prime/boost) comparedaP value for differences in b:
DNA-85B/BCG and none/none<0.0001∗∗ <0.0001∗∗
DNA-85B/BCG and DNA-85B/DNA-85B0.0003∗∗ 0.0003∗∗
DNA-85B/BCG and BCG/none0.0104 0.0011
DNA-85B/BCG and BCG/BCG0.0389 0.0765NS
BCG/none and BCG/BCG0.5427NS 0.0650NS
  • a Mice were primed and boosted at 6-week intervals as described for Table 1 and challenged 6 weeks after the last injection with aerosol M. tuberculosis infection.

  • b Differences in CFU between groups as assessed by analysis of variance (NS, nonsignificant; ∗ P < 0.05 ; ∗∗, P < 0.001 ; ∗∗∗, P < 0.0001 ).