Differentially expressed genes for antioxidant enzymes in LEW versus BN ratsa

Ensembl gene no.Gene nameFold change in expression (FDR)
ENSRNOG00000008422LPONSD−5.50 (0.0001)−12.10 (8.14E−8)NSD
ENSRNOG00000061857Mgst2NSD−5.40 (4.6E−6)−3.00 (0.002)NSD
ENSRNOG00000004245Mgst3NSD−3.30 (0.003)−2.11 (0.05)NSD
ENSRNOG00000016484Gstk1NSD−2.06 (0.001)−1.50 (0.05)NSD
ENSRNOG00000013604Gpx4NSD−1.75 (0.003)NSDNSD
  • a Abbreviations: LPO, lactoperoxidase; Mgst, microsomal glutathione S-transferase; Gstk, glutathione S-transferase kappa; Gpx, glutathione peroxidase; FDR, false-discovery rate; NSD, not significantly different (P < 0.05); BNToxo and LEWToxo, T. gondii-inoculated BN and LEW rats, respectively; BNPBS and LEWPBS, PBS-inoculated BN and LEW rats, respectively.